Thanks, But No Thanks.

Hurrah! The commonwealth does it again! How can we thank you? How can we convey our gratitude and thanks for the consistent and persistent support you have shown for African writers? In case you are reading this and do not yet know, the shortlist for the commonwealth book prize for 2013 includes FOUR African writers.... Continue Reading →


Making Connections

Hello there reader! Welcome! How is your day so far? I'm in the midst of a flurry of Chrome tabs, clicking, linking and reading up on all manner of things. One of the things I am keenly aware of is the fact that authors need to make connections. Connections with other authors, connections with book... Continue Reading →

Africa and Her Tongues

I am proud to say I am not one of those people who DON'T see color. I see color. I love color. Whenever I have the priviledge of meeting a new person of African Descent (NPOAD - I don't think that will catch on, but hey...) I always ask what their heritage is. It becomes... Continue Reading →

Author Websites

Welcome back! Are you having a good day/night? I've been wondering about this blog. I'm not a newcomer to blogging, but wanted a space where I could blog about writing, connect with other writers and pimp my wares (my wares are not yet ready for pimpin', but look out for the pink suit soon!). Is... Continue Reading →


My name is Bwandungi. Welcome to this blog, supposed to serve as my "Author" blog, which may or may not fulfill the requirements set out for an Author blog. There are a few things important to me that I will list here. Elaboration on request! Elevation and unification of black people everywhere Human rights Children's... Continue Reading →

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