Karibu Reader! Have you ever experienced doubt? You get that question coming up through all the other noise bugging you and asking if you really are what you say you are, if you're really doing what you think you're meant to be doing. When the little doubt I still possess creeps up on me, I... Continue Reading →


The art of finding inspiration from something old doesn't require practice.

Sorting through confusion

Karibu reader! The weekend is upon us, what are your plans? I went to an all-girls secondary school where I studied music under a teacher we all loved. In trying to teach us what syncopation was she had us clapping to and memorizing this little ditty, Syn-co-pa-tion Teaches you to Con-centrate. This week has been... Continue Reading →

Rebels UNTIE!

Karibu reader! I hate rules. Don't you? I dislike being told what to do and sometimes have to check myself before I rebel simply because someone told me what to do. I never thought of myself as a rebel and still don't regard myself as one, but try telling me what to do see what... Continue Reading →

Finishing First

Karibu Reader! How was your weekend? Cold? Sunny? I can barely remember mine! As an author I get this question all the time, "Are your books out?". Usually you have to temper your expectations when someone asks that question. They are not suggesting that they are about to buy your book, oh no! It is... Continue Reading →


Karibu! I hope your week has gone swimmingly and that your anticipation for weekend proggie* is almost at its zenith. An article I read this morning has absorbed me completely. I'm a fan of science fiction and I mostly write science fiction and fantasy. I write about the things I love. I'm constantly scouring the... Continue Reading →

Working for pay

Karibu! Come in, sit down, let's chat! Sometimes the itch to get my work out to the World is so crazy, I just want to post my precious intellectual property out there for everyone to read and enjoy. There are times I have. Mostly my best friend and sometimes co-author will come up to me... Continue Reading →

The Art of Selfishness

Karibu! Is it warm where you are? Toronto has been hit by some unusually cool weather so when it is warm... I'm just cool like that. Today, during my daily cobweb cleaning I had a thought about my writing. Mostly, I write because I want to be able to tell a story that I would... Continue Reading →

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