Micro082914: Use Dodo

He sensed an opportunity here. The long plastic contraband had been burning a hole in his mind, worried his mother might find it when she cleaned out their room. "Bend!" He commanded.


Micro080214: Saved

Once upon a time, a thirteen year old girl imagined herself in love. In the secret places of her mind, she allowed images to overwhelm her, carbon copies of the heaving bosoms and ravishing kisses overflowing from romance novels concealed under her bed. She gloried in the power she held over her fifteen year old... Continue Reading →

Micro080114: The Prize of Silence

Once upon a time, a young man proclaimed to his family that he was going to marry. The young woman he had chosen, bore the ropy scars of abuse that leave no visible trace. Those who knew, complicit by their silence in her abuse, donned pearly smiles at the celebration of the young couple's union,... Continue Reading →

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