Strength to leave

I read a blog post. Someone was writing a letter to a public figure (singer of mild fame) whose boyfriend, and father of her daughter, died in her arms after he had been shot. He, a football star, had married a woman he had been in a relationship with for 7 years. In the 8th... Continue Reading →


Donut ask for more

What do you do when the person you've been promising chocolate cake calls you out for not baking? You bake. And glaze. And sprinkle. Recipe.


In lieu of actually writing a blog post, I will tell you all what is on my mind. 1. AI is serious. Shouldn't we proceed with caution? 2. My boring history teacher (cannot remember her name) who did not properly convey the absolute awesomeness of Timbuktu. 3. I want to be personal friends of Heather... Continue Reading →


About 2 years ago, I heard of a project that was being started by sci-fi writer, Neal Gaiman. The idea was to have conversations that would inspire sci-fi writers to write less dystopian novels and focus on imagining the kind of World we would like to live in. A book was released, a continuing conversation... Continue Reading →

13 turning 30

A few years ago I wrote a story. I love this story, but I've turned into those crazy moms you hear about in the horrifying section of the newspaper. You know those titles, Woman releases 24 year old daughter after 20 years in basement. Yep, that's me! My poor story is locked up on my... Continue Reading →


Today I'm doing some rewriting, so I have to bend my head down and concentrate. But wanted to think aloud for a minute. I'm passionate about speculative fiction. I want to know about things I could not have imagined on my own, ways of living that are beyond what it is we do now and... Continue Reading →

Something Old for Something New

For Your Love I see you, Dark Chocolate Swinging your hips to the throom throom of this foreign music Your skirt so short, my imagination is unnecessary Your titties jiggling in your dress like the many eyes trying to keep up with them. Know that I love you, no matter what That the tears of... Continue Reading →

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