Street Art

I love street art.

I hate dusty black and grey buildings stretching up to the blue sky, blocking the sun and blocking my view. They sit there, bloated with frustrated employees who hate their lives, attempting to assuage their hopelessness with purchases advertised to them on their paid tv programmes.

That is why I love street art. It is subversive. A sort of ‘fuck you’ to the proponents of a colorless World in which we’re supposed to live as clones of one another.

It has its drawbacks, but I’d rather live in a World where people are pinging off in all kinds of directions, finding out what may be from the imaginings of their own brain, than one in which I’m being forced to turn in to this:

In light of that. I bring you one of my favourite instagram accounts (follow her on Instagram, Pinterest, iPhonogram, Twitter. @empressshire) Toronto has its own culture and street art heroes.

Celebrate them today!


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