Micro 0119: Welcome

Welcome. Your mother told you not to join a gang. But here you are, foolish rebel. You have romanticized this moment but it is not going to turn out the way you think. You need to stop watching movies. There is no information in there that will tell you the truth. We live hard lives,... Continue Reading →


Micro 0112: Through the Yellow Door

The hallway was empty. The clean floor, polished by years of moping rags and stomping feet, reflected the cool, crisp early morning light through the glass door that marked its end. The brightly coloured doors that separated adjoining rooms from the hallway entombed the sleeping girls, who floated on the last vestiges of their dreams.... Continue Reading →

People Pleasing

Jambo! (means hello) Was yesterday as fabulous for you as it was for me? Yes? No? I got to walk in the rain and jump in puddles. A group of fantasy writers came together to talk about the cliches commonly found in RPGs and novels. Apparently, there is a common theme dealing with giant rats... Continue Reading →

Bee-bee-dee Boop!

Are you doing okay? Wanna talk about it? ┬áLeave your comment. Today is a smoggy day and I'm grateful to have and be near my computer. It also means that I've got to find a way to be productive and allow my fingers to speak for my brain. Telepathy will come soon enough. If we... Continue Reading →

World Building

Hello! Happy Tuesday! One of my favorite writing exercises is building Worlds. It feels like a child-like thing to do sometimes, making up names for stuff that no one has ever seen, but it is incredibly fulfilling. It makes me think that within each one of us is an innate sense that is only satisfied... Continue Reading →

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