African Literature on Facebook

A few weeks ago a dear friend asked me if I could help admin a page on Facebook.It has taken over my life! I LOVE IT.Our little family has grown by leaps and bounds, and the people who have joined and are actively participating in discussions surprise me with their passion every day.Africans have long... Continue Reading →


Micro 0115: I wrote a letter to my friend

My Dearest, My heart is spilling emotions, squeezing them through cuts. I'm bruised from keeping this in. You'll wake up this morning and find I've gone. I could not stay. Not because I didn't love you, because I do. You know that too. After all the pain and fear and anger have gone (I promise... Continue Reading →

Micro 0107: Bad Dream

Once upon a time a young man met a young lady. In his presence, she effervesced and he was run over by his emotions into the dream of romance. In her words he found comfort and the missing companion with whom he could share his innermost being. You see, this young man carried great pain... Continue Reading →

Micro072814: Just Joking

Once upon a time, a woman longed to have a baby girl to fill her home with flowers and pretty things, to provide the softness she did not see in her four sons. She prayed in the way she had been taught, followed the rules her scriptures dictated, till her god looked upon her, pitied... Continue Reading →

Micro072514: Pictures

Once upon a time, a man took a picture. The colors were vibrant, bouncing off dark brown skin that shone with sunlight's kisses and wrinkled upon itself with age. The deep set brown eyes leapt off the photograph, saying something profound, but the photographer did not hear it. The photograph made rounds throughout the World,... Continue Reading →

The Art of Selfishness

Karibu! Is it warm where you are? Toronto has been hit by some unusually cool weather so when it is warm... I'm just cool like that. Today, during my daily cobweb cleaning I had a thought about my writing. Mostly, I write because I want to be able to tell a story that I would... Continue Reading →

Africa and Her Tongues

I am proud to say I am not one of those people who DON'T see color. I see color. I love color. Whenever I have the priviledge of meeting a new person of African Descent (NPOAD - I don't think that will catch on, but hey...) I always ask what their heritage is. It becomes... Continue Reading →

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