It’s a Celebration

It was a marathon getting to the finish line for Friday's video, but I'm so pleased that it is done and I can share it with you! The internet changed my life. I've made friends of the heart with whom I've never breathed the same air! And yet I know that if I was in... Continue Reading →


An Anthropologist?

At what age do we learn social behaviour? I've been watching my nieces and nephews grow up and trying to figure out exactly when they edit their speech, or their behaviour in order to fit in. Surprisingly, two of my nephews seem to have taken after a younger me. We're observers, not participants. The disadvantages... Continue Reading →

It’s going to be okay, right?

I left childhood many years ago, followed paths that I thought were meant to bring me success and work satisfaction, and learned skilled that were supposed to bring some kind of fulfillment. My lifelong quest has been a frantic chasing of the perfect balance between creativity and responsibility. Having someone take care of my bills... Continue Reading →

Micro 0119: Welcome

Welcome. Your mother told you not to join a gang. But here you are, foolish rebel. You have romanticized this moment but it is not going to turn out the way you think. You need to stop watching movies. There is no information in there that will tell you the truth. We live hard lives,... Continue Reading →

The Struggle Factor

There is nothing so unappealing to me as the struggling artist. I know that many do, but can I say that I don't like it? When there are so many examples of artists that have been able to 'get there' I just cannot understand the appeal. That being said, I know that so many compromises... Continue Reading →

Where did they go?

Have you ever had a childhood dream? Something that you wanted so badly, and had to have the moment you were old enough to get it? What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you get to do it, or did your desires change as you grew older? Did you succumb to... Continue Reading →

Rule #1

I have a difficult relationship with rules. If the danger (and it has to be danger) is not explained in a way that makes sense, my brain gives instructions to my body to break those rules. If the danger is explained, but is just unconvincing, the same thing happens. Someone told me recently that it... Continue Reading →

Sorting through confusion

Karibu reader! The weekend is upon us, what are your plans? I went to an all-girls secondary school where I studied music under a teacher we all loved. In trying to teach us what syncopation was she had us clapping to and memorizing this little ditty, Syn-co-pa-tion Teaches you to Con-centrate. This week has been... Continue Reading →

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