The Art of Storytelling

Let me begin by saying, I'm no expert. I'm learning and I want to be better. I've read books with amazing stories that were ruined by something I couldn't let go of because, in my estimation, the reaction of the character wasn't plausible. Or a plot twist was utilized in an attempt to make the... Continue Reading →


Being purposefully audacious

Bold. Dauntless. Audacious. When these characteristics are ascribed to any person, there seems to be an inadvertent societal pressure we feel. Thoughts of our own meekness, fear, caution when it comes to our own dreams can be overwhelming. And sometimes this can result in our participation nay-saying. I've always been baffled when I find a... Continue Reading →

Have you heard of musicxray? It is a website powered by AI (machine learning for those who want to get technical). Musicians upload their music, which is analysed and sorted using mathematical algorithms. With a huge database of over 3 million songs, it has identified the characteristics of the ones that became hits and organized... Continue Reading →

Empathy as a virtue

Is this a virtue? Can we honestly say that because we care about the welfare of others, that it makes us better people? In the case where the person is of less character than we think they should have, for instance, a thieving drug addict who just stole your phone, or politician who  embezzled millions... Continue Reading →

Should I talk to you?

It is a beautiful World we live in. If someone says something I disagree with, I can change the channel, look for a different website, unsubscribe from a newsletter, leave a Facebook or WhatsApp group, or even set the place on fire. I have options. Someone told me that I’m thin skinned and needed to... Continue Reading →

Sourcing Great African Literature

African Literature. Sigh. People don't want to be called African authors, Africans shun African authors, Africans fight other Africans about what African literature is and should be. It is a complicated space to occupy, especially because those of us who write stories know what the publishing World desires from the African continent. But they cater... Continue Reading →

Gasp! … and *faint*!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go on and say something about the punctuation in my title. I curate an amazing magazine on Flipboard that is all about African Literature. Book reviews, book releases, author interviews, opinions about African literature, competition news, submission requests, short stories, and so much more. Seriously, if you haven't subscribed, in the famous words... Continue Reading →

Remembering 2005

I am told that my very identity seems to be defined by the relationships in my life, which insulted me at first because it insinuated that I am void of character and substance without relationships. So I was forced to look inside and take stock ...

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