Becoming a better writer

My English teachers in secondary school were shit. The only ones I remember were Mrs. M because she confiscated something from me that she eventually lost, and Mrs. K who didn't like me and caused some chaos in my life when I was a little older. That is all I remember about my English/English Lit... Continue Reading →


It’s going to be okay, right?

I left childhood many years ago, followed paths that I thought were meant to bring me success and work satisfaction, and learned skilled that were supposed to bring some kind of fulfillment. My lifelong quest has been a frantic chasing of the perfect balance between creativity and responsibility. Having someone take care of my bills... Continue Reading →

When it is good to be a woman

The past few days have been almost whirlwind like. Finally, one of my projects is complete and I'm proud to share it with anyone who thinks things like these are totally cool. In doing the research I needed to compile my super duper list of African authors, I came across the story of an Algerian... Continue Reading →

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