I’m on YouTube now!

I'm on YouTube! 📽 An author on YouTube is an interesting concept because of our natural tendency to use words instead of moving pictures to tell a story. However, the storyteller inside me is a performer and has been bugging me for a few years to find an outlet. When I was a teenager and young adult, I... Continue Reading →


An Anthropologist?

At what age do we learn social behaviour? I've been watching my nieces and nephews grow up and trying to figure out exactly when they edit their speech, or their behaviour in order to fit in. Surprisingly, two of my nephews seem to have taken after a younger me. We're observers, not participants. The disadvantages... Continue Reading →

Becoming a better writer

My English teachers in secondary school were shit. The only ones I remember were Mrs. M because she confiscated something from me that she eventually lost, and Mrs. K who didn't like me and caused some chaos in my life when I was a little older. That is all I remember about my English/English Lit... Continue Reading →

African Literature on Facebook

A few weeks ago a dear friend asked me if I could help admin a page on Facebook.It has taken over my life! I LOVE IT.Our little family has grown by leaps and bounds, and the people who have joined and are actively participating in discussions surprise me with their passion every day.Africans have long... Continue Reading →

Micro 0122: Silence

It is silent here. Not 'absence of noise' silence. I can hear the Movement, slow and unchanging. I can hear crying. Someone is wailing. And yet it is silent, like laying still under dead earth where you cannot hear the sound of birds or the voices of family that just threw dirt over your body.... Continue Reading →

Micro 0119: Welcome

Welcome. Your mother told you not to join a gang. But here you are, foolish rebel. You have romanticized this moment but it is not going to turn out the way you think. You need to stop watching movies. There is no information in there that will tell you the truth. We live hard lives,... Continue Reading →

Thankful to all my subscribers

The African Literature Magazine on Flipboard has gone from strength to strength. What a journey! Thank you for being a part of the journey in 2014 and for continuing strong into 2015. With 15,491 subscribers catching up on stories coming out of Africa, it is easy to forget where we started. With humble beginnings in... Continue Reading →

Micro 0112: Through the Yellow Door

The hallway was empty. The clean floor, polished by years of moping rags and stomping feet, reflected the cool, crisp early morning light through the glass door that marked its end. The brightly coloured doors that separated adjoining rooms from the hallway entombed the sleeping girls, who floated on the last vestiges of their dreams.... Continue Reading →

The Struggle Factor

There is nothing so unappealing to me as the struggling artist. I know that many do, but can I say that I don't like it? When there are so many examples of artists that have been able to 'get there' I just cannot understand the appeal. That being said, I know that so many compromises... Continue Reading →

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