Street Art

I love street art.

I hate dusty black and grey buildings stretching up to the blue sky, blocking the sun and blocking my view. They sit there, bloated with frustrated employees who hate their lives, attempting to assuage their hopelessness with purchases advertised to them on their paid tv programmes.

That is why I love street art. It is subversive. A sort of ‘fuck you’ to the proponents of a colorless World in which we’re supposed to live as clones of one another.

It has its drawbacks, but I’d rather live in a World where people are pinging off in all kinds of directions, finding out what may be from the imaginings of their own brain, than one in which I’m being forced to turn in to this:

In light of that. I bring you one of my favourite instagram accounts (follow her on Instagram, Pinterest, iPhonogram, Twitter. @empressshire) Toronto has its own culture and street art heroes.

Celebrate them today!


Working for pay

Karibu! Come in, sit down, let’s chat!

Sometimes the itch to get my work out to the World is so crazy, I just want to post my precious intellectual property out there for everyone to read and enjoy. There are times I have. Mostly my best friend and sometimes co-author will come up to me and screech and holler about giving my brain away. So, just as an FYI…

This place where ideas reside can be elusive, the Ether, is an unforgiving place where you have to pay to receive. Generally artists (of any trade) have to allow themselves to have space and time to allow inspiration to rain down. Giving form to the idea and letting it develop into something marketable is an impressive accomplishment that takes time and dedication. People pay handsomely for beautiful works of art or photography, but no one wants to pay for words.

I once heard someone say that ideas are a dime a dozen. A butt load of hooey. Bad ideas may be a dime a dozen, but good solid ideas are priceless.

Let me explain the various examples out there.

  • One person had an idea for a natural hair vlog. They talk about the challenges they have faced in taking care of their natural hair and provide some tips that have worked for them. Go to youtube and type “natural hair” in the search box. How many videos are you going to get? 1,480,000 results.
  • One person thought up what elves could be and what they would look like. How many versions of Legolas have you read about in books or seen on covers? How many children who suddenly find that they have a gift no one else has? How many vampire stories are airing on your television this past year?
  • What about social media? The big dogs are Facebook and Twitter, but remember MySpace?

Lesson of the day?