Old Poetry

Because I’m feeling it today.


For Your Love

I see you, Dark Chocolate
Swinging your hips to the throom throom of this foreign music
Your skirt so short, my imagination is unnecessary
Your titties jiggling in your dress like the many eyes trying to keep up with them.
Know that I love you, no matter what
That the tears of your pain and loneliness stain my pillow.
I know if I fell in love with you
You could shatter my soul with your passing interest
And the sweet succulent love I was encased in
Would pass to another.

Hey there Tangy Caramel
Swinging those dreadlocks to the beat of my heart
You have me arrested in those wide brown
Deep pools of cinnamon chocolate.
You cling so steadfast to the notion that your voice is drowned out
You yell so loud, to be heard, to be remembered
I love you sweet Caramel
I hear your words, golden drops of honey
Reverberating in that beautiful throat.
I cannot let my heart be swayed
Your passion would drain me completely
Overwhelm me till I am just a shell of the woman I used to be.

Tall glass of sweet dark Ebony
Strong long legs strutting to your own internal beat
Polished like well worn wood, reliable, sure
Your essence is so fragrant wafting behind you
Every eye stretches completely as you Tyra stomp by
Your beauty prostituted for the attention
Of the least of people.
I adore you, dark coffee, filling my senses
With your soft and tender embrace.
Don’t you dare touch my skin
I’ll be tingling forever with the memory of you
And ache to be touched again…



Being Called a Girl (and not in a nice way)

Welcome back M. Anonymous!

For a long time I did not like who I was. I’m a girly-girl in conflict. I’d rather wear a pretty blouse and a skirt than a buttoned shirt and dress pants. However, I prefer the look of short nails painted with unconventional colors and/or patterns to long french tipped nails. I love all things interior design, but I’m also interested in the structural bones of a building and its internal workings. Dramatic stories will always have my attention, but sometimes I need a good action packed thriller. I’m a militant feminist who craves the friendship and opinions of men. I have had this conflict all my life and struggled fitting into the neat gender boxes that society demands.

Because femininity is often equated to weakness, less intelligence and a general lack of concern for anything other than romance, perfume and flowers I rejected my own, choosing instead to identify as a softer tomboy mash-up. It was horribly confusing. I’m getting better now.

This struggle is often reflected in my writing. In my head, fantastic things are always about to happen and when I write a story something fantastic happens. Then I remember that fantasy writing is reserved for the ladies and PROPER science fiction is a man’s realm and my feminist horns unfurl (it’s a special power reserved for feminists).

I can’t get with that. I refuse to join the masses that claim that to be how it is supposed to be. So I’m on a mission.

MISSION: Scour the Globe for more women who write Science Fiction, read their material and make recommendations.

VISION: The opportunity for greater visibility within the Sci-Fi community and publishing, and recognition for good work and great stories.

If you have recommendations for a good story, pass it along. THANKS!


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