Micro 0331:

Once upon a time a woman gave birth to a son, the first seed of her womb. When he was placed upon her breast, tiny and wrinkled, the weight of her hopes and dreams descended upon him. The crooning of family and friends who laid eyes upon him bolstered her hopes and she built formidable... Continue Reading →


The Cost of a Story

Kulika yo! What a super sunshiny day it is in Toronto! I wish you were here to share it. We could have a proper discussion. I have theĀ privilegeĀ of being part of a few writing groups online. I have always thought that if you're seeking support for your work, you should give support. Some people are... Continue Reading →

Would You Survive an Encounter?

Hello Readers! I hope today was a productive day for you. I managed to finish my experiment with Adobe Premiere. One of my superpowers is teaching myself to use new software (and hardware) and then searching the internet for the experts who have free tutorials online, so I can learn things I didn't even know... Continue Reading →

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