Micro 0331:

Once upon a time a woman gave birth to a son, the first seed of her womb. When he was placed upon her breast, tiny and wrinkled, the weight of her hopes and dreams descended upon him. The crooning of family and friends who laid eyes upon him bolstered her hopes and she built formidable... Continue Reading →


Never ending battles & Micro0109: For the Queen

I wrote a story today. I liked it. Wasn't sure anyone else would so for a moment I decided I was going to keep it to myself. Started on something else that did not inspire me and it fell flat like a cake with too much moisture. Time and time again we've heard people say... Continue Reading →

The Cost of a Story

Kulika yo! What a super sunshiny day it is in Toronto! I wish you were here to share it. We could have a proper discussion. I have the privilege of being part of a few writing groups online. I have always thought that if you're seeking support for your work, you should give support. Some people are... Continue Reading →

Whence Cometh Thine Inspiration?

Hola! Today is a sunny day and I hope that wherever you are you get to enjoy it! Last night inspiration hit for a new story. An exciting story. A GREAT tale. I quickly relayed the information to my co-author for all things exciting and got a few things down. It got me thinking about inspiration and the... Continue Reading →

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