When it is good to be a woman

The past few days have been almost whirlwind like. Finally, one of my projects is complete and I'm proud to share it with anyone who thinks things like these are totally cool. In doing the research I needed to compile my super duper list of African authors, I came across the story of an Algerian... Continue Reading →


Bee-bee-dee Boop!

Are you doing okay? Wanna talk about it? ┬áLeave your comment. Today is a smoggy day and I'm grateful to have and be near my computer. It also means that I've got to find a way to be productive and allow my fingers to speak for my brain. Telepathy will come soon enough. If we... Continue Reading →

Nit Pickers Unite!

Reader! You're here! How are you doing today? I had a wonderful night last night, racing for the movie theatre to watch Oblivion with Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman. I enjoyed watching the movie, then I hit rock bottom this morning and found stuff to grumble about. Don't you just love it? SPOILERS AHEAD!! Thankfully,... Continue Reading →

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